What Is the Fastest Motorcycle?

The need for speed is one plague that may never leave the man. Each generation has always wanted to do things faster than the previous. What is the fastest motorcycle has been a question most people ask and we’d answer in this article.

what is the fastest motorcycle?
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Asides humanity’s innate impatience, Hollywood has also been one major force that has been driving the fast life. On one screen we see ‘Fast and furious’ that has reached 9 installments, on the other, we see ‘The need for speed’ both glorifying speeds.

The beginning of February 2020 saw China build a wonder hospital with a thousand bed capacity in just 10 days. Amazing stuff.

It was this craving for speed that fueled the invention of airplanes.

One thing is certain though, this craze for speed will continue.

In this article, we will look at some of the fastest two-wheeled beasts that have been made. We will also look at some of the top fastest motorcycles available.

The fastest motorcycles are the ones that cover the most ground at top speed. The speed of these motorcycles lies in the power of their engines. The stronger the engine, the faster the motorcycle.

What are the fastest motorcycles?

Below are some of the fastest motorcycles known to man:

1. Kawasaki Ninja H2

2. Ducati 1199 Panigale

3. BMW S1000RR

4. MV Agusta F4

5. Kawaski Ninja ZX-14/ZZR1400/ZX-14R

6. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R

7. Suzuki Hayabusa

8. Honda CBR1100XX

9. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11

10. Yamaha FZ1000

11. The Ninja ZX-10

Kawasaki Ninja H2

The fastest motorcycle is the Kawasaki Ninja H2 is the fastest motorcycle in the world right now. It is part of the Ninja sportbike line that is produced by Kawasaki manufacturers of Japan.

The type that runs on tracks only is called the Ninja H2R and it is the fastest production motorcycle on sale. It is said to generate a massive 313 horsepower. It first hit the market in 2015 and has remained on sale since then.

To see how fast the power bike could go, James Hillier did a demonstration for the company in the year 2015. He used the normal tires and rode 60.7 kilometers.

He recorded a top speed of 333 kilometers per hour. This was recorded by his smartphone app, Strava GPS.

One year later, Kenan Sofuoglu, a serial motorcycle race winner, decided to make his own attempt at reaching top speed on the Ninja H2. He was to demonstrate in the presence of the Turkish Head of State.

The manufacturer gave Kenan a special H2R that was customized for him and fueled the motorbike. He was to race on top of the Osman Gazi bridge. The champion had to train for more than three months before he embarked on the demonstration.

After the racing, Kawasaki released a video that showed the motorcycle reached 400 kph in less than 27 seconds. The video showed the speed displayed on the dashboard of the bike.

This was not verified by appropriate authorities, so no one took that high speed seriously. Some years back, Cameron of Cycle Worlds’, made a comment on the matter. He opined that the bike can in fact reach the 250-260 miles per hour if the proper gearing was used. This would help the vehicle beat the fluid drag force of the air.

A variant of the H2R is also available but it is not as fast as the H2R itself. It is called the street legalNinja H2. Its body is made up of plastic while the H2R’s are made up of carbon fiber.

This variant has a horsepower of 202, much less than the H2. The top speed for the street-legal was achieved by the editor of Sports rider. He raced with the motorcycle in California. He achieved a top speed of 225.95 mph.

In 2018, another variant of the H2 was made. The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX. It was made to be entirely different from the two other versions.

In 2019, it was updated again, and more power was added to its engine. The lamps were made of LED lamps. The paint had an anti-scratch that would help preserve the body of the motorcycle.

Ducati 1199 Panigale

When this motorcycle was released in 2011, it was the fastest available. The motorcycle was named thus to honor the village in which it was manufactured – Borgo Panigale. The Ducati had a twin-cylinder engine. It had a horsepower of 196.

The motorcycle review team, Motorcycle consumer news, used the 2012 version of the Panigale to race. They recorded a top speed of 118.1 meters per hour.

After testing the motorbike, it was rated the 5th best motorcycle they had ever rated and the 10th fastest motorcycle ever.

The Panigale also has different variants that have dominated the market at one point in time or another.

What are the types of Ducati Panigale?

The types of Ducati Panigale motorcycle are:

1. Panigale R

2. Panigale S Senna

3. 1199 Superleggera

Panigale R

The full name was Panigale R World Superbike Homologation. It was announced in 2012 but was released in the year 2013.  It had body parts made of carbon fiber and a higher power. The power went from the normal 196 horsepower to 203.

The Panigale R was taken for demonstration by Road & Track. They calculated the top speed of the vehicle to be 202 per hour, all things being equal.

Panigale S Senna

Another version of the Panigale was released in the year 2013. It was called the Panigale S Senna. It was produced to honor the memories of a late yet popular formula one star. He died in 1994 due to injuries sustained in a car crash during racing. The name of the man was Ayrton Senna, a Brazilian.

A Panigale S1 had been manufactured in 1994 after Ayrton died. Every net gain that Ducati company made on both bikes, the Panigale S1 (1994) and the Panigale S Senna (2013) was given to charity.

The charity was one that Ayrton had wanted to open with his sister Viviane before he died. His sister eventually set up the Instituto Ayrton Senna to preserve his memory and grant his last wish.

1199 Superleggera

Ducati made the 1199 Superleggera in 2014. The aim was to build a motorcycle that was very light hence the name. Superleggera simply means superlight. The motorcycle was made from magnesium, carbon, and titanium and the weight was 156kg. Ducati only made 500 of the Superleggera.


The BMW S1000RR is a motorcycle that was built mainly for racing competitions. It was produced by BMW Motorrad to race in the racing competition of 2009. But now, it is on sale for anyone that would want to buy.

The motorcycle was made in Germany in 2008. It has a four-cylinder engine that rotates at 14,200 rpm.  

BMW at first produced a thousand S1000RRs to meet the tournament’s average requirement. But when they started selling to the public, they started producing more.

The first edition of S1000RR was produced in 2009. It was said to be the most powerful bike in the 1000c level. One of the best features of the bike is that one can switch to three modes:

  • the wet mode
  • the sports mode
  • the race mode.

2012 saw the motorcycle receive some minor boosts. BMW gave the bike a less heavy throttle tube. A modern heel plate was added, and the body of the motorbike was adjusted. BMW streamlined the bike the more so it could move fast without the fluid force drag of the air affecting it much.

In the year 2013, BMW did not upgrade the S1000RR further. What they did, however, was to make another kind if S1000RR. It was called the HP4. The motorcycle had a dynamic dampening control system that could alter suspensions at 11 milliseconds.

The exhaust had an allowance in which air could enter and burn petrol that was unused. The handle had many functions, like the pit mode. It also had an in-built robbery alarm.

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There was no major change in the 2014 model.

One of the major changes the 2015 model had was in its weight. The motorbike lost 4kg and got an extra 6 horsepower.

The lightweight of the motorbike was made possible because the 2015 model was made of aluminum which is a pretty light material. 

2019 saw a complete makeover of this motorcycle. The sample was first showcased in November 2018 in Italy. The engine was a four-cylinder engine and was said to generate 207 horsepower and rotates at 13,600 rpm. The body was also worked on to get a better-streamlined shape.

The 2019 model did not just have improvements in power and speed. It also had improvements in weight. The 2019 model lost 4kg.

This was because the body parts were made of light and yet strong materials. The titanium and aluminum were 26 percent lighter than the material used in the preceding edition.

The pumps for water and oil had one design and not separate as the other versions. The total weight of the motorcycle was 197kg or 435 pounds.

Superbike World Championship

It was because of this tournament that the BMW1000RR was manufactured in the first place. So, a few months to the start of the competition, Ruben Xaus of Spain agreed to be on team BMW.

Three months later in September 2008, Troy Corser also followed suit. He was from Australia and a previous winner. But the BMW team was not as successful as they would have hoped. Troy took the fifth position in Czechoslovakia while Ruben took 7th position in Italy.

In the 2010 Superstock, Aryton Badovini won every single race he participated in, with the S1000RR, except one.

Subsequently, on May 13th, 2012 Marco Melandri won for the BMW team with the S10000RR. Another member of team BMW came second in the Superbike competition in the UK.

MV Agusta F4 

The Agusta F4 is also another four-cylinder sport motorcycle that was produced by MV Agusta from 1999 to 2018. The series that was produced in this 20-year period was what resurrected the company.

The motorcycle was designed by Massimo Tamburini, he was also the one that designed the Ducati 916.  The engine took after engines of the Ferrari formula one.

This was because those who designed the Ferrari engine also had a hand in designing the Agusta F4’s engine. Soon enough, in order to have a peculiar engine design, the F4 stopped using a design like the Ferrari. The only semblance they had with the Ferrari was the radical valve.

Like most motorcycles, there were many versions of the F4.

What are the versions of the MV Agusta F4?

Here are the versions of the MV Agusta F4.

1. F4 750

2. F4 750 Series Oro

3. F4 750 s

4. F4 750 s Neiman Marcus Edition

5. F4 750 Senna

6. F4 750 cc

F4 750

The 750 cc F4 was first manufactured in the year 1999 and underwent various changes. In 2004, it was completely phased out because customers preferred the new 1000 cc makes.

F4 750 Serie Oro

The Serie Oro was the premier attempt at remaking the MV Agusta F4. This was unveiled in Italy in 1997 but it was actually made available for the public in 1999. Only 300 Serie Oros were produced. The components of the motorbike were majorly made of magnesium.

Some of the parts were gold plated. The name Oros came from, oro, which is the Italian name for gold.

Some of the components like the fuel tank were made of carbon fiber and painted. The weight of the bike was 180kg.

F4 750 s

This was produced and up for sale in 1999. It was basically the same as the Oro. However, the parts were made with magnesium, and gold plated in the Oro series were made of aluminum in the F4 750 s. This caused the weight of the bike to decrease by 20 pounds.

The bike at top speed went at 162 miles per hour.

F4 750 S Neiman Marcus Edition

This was a production that was made and customized only for Neiman Marcus. He put them up for sale in their Christmas catalog where they were tagged gifts for guys. Only ten were made.

F4 750 Senna

A model that was made as a tribute in 2002, to the racing Champion Ayrton Senna


This was named after the managing director of MV Agusta, Claudio Castiglioni. He said he wanted a legacy for himself.

There are numerous other models of the Agusta like the F4 750 EVO 02, F4 1000, and F4 Claudio, etc.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14/ ZZR1400/ZX-14R

The Kawasaki Ninja is a motorbike in the line of the ninja sports motorbike. It was made by manufacturers from Japan. The bike was said to be the strongest of Kawasaki in 2007. The bike was first showcased in Tokyo in 2005.

One of the selling points of the ZX-14r is its ability to speed up from 0-96 kilometers in less than 3 seconds. The top speed for the motorbike is 186 mph.

In 2008, there was a little upgrade that resulted in more power generation from the engine.

There was also a need to make the motorcycle less hot during rides, so another radiator fan was imputed. The famous rider, Rickey Gadson rode the motorbike and he peaked at 143.83 miles per hour.

The cycling world reached 152.83 mph with the motorcycle.  He also reached the 96 kilometers per hour mark in 2.6 seconds.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R is the predecessor of the ZX-14R. It is also one of the fastest motorcycles that were made by the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki. It was produced from 2000 to 2006. It produced 178 hp and accelerated at 186 mph at top speed.

In 2006, it was the most powerful production motorcycle and was one of the fastest production motorcycles of its time. At the time it was still produced, its top speed was a tie with Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki ninja.

The Kawasaki was made in a time where Japanese producers of motorbike were in a furious battle for superiority and speed of motorcycles. It was a crazy battle. The Kawasaki ninja zx12r was on sale when the three Japanese manufactures finally called a truce to the battle.

This truce was observed until the creation of the MV Agusta.

Suzuki Hayabusa (or GSX1300R)

This was produced by Suzuki. The production started in 1999. It became an instant success as the fasted production motorcycle in the world. It was averaging 303 to 312 km/h at top speed.

But the Japanese were scared that the Europeans would somehow restrict its export of the motorbike. So, they made an unwritten pact with European producers of motorbikes.

This deal meant that the Japanese and the Europeans would set a limit to how far any motorbike they produced can go. This is to also make sure that the Europeans had their own share of the market.

Asides the speed of the Hayabusa, critics have lauded it as a motorbike that had a balanced performance.

They particularly love the brand because it does not sacrifice other factors on the altar of speed. Other factors like the feel, comfortability, durability, sound, fuel consumption, and cost.

The Suzuki Hayabusa had two generations. The first and second generation. The first generation lasting from 1999 to 2007 while the second generation was from 2008 to date.

The difference between the first generation and the second generation lies in engine power.

Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird 

This was produced by the Honda production company in Japan. The line, CBR1100XX was produced from the year 1996 to the year 2006.

The aim of producing the Honda CBR was mainly to compete against Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11. This competition was to ascertain the swiftest motorcycle in the whole world. At that time of production, Honda succeeded in toppling Kawasaki. The Honda reached a high speed of 178.5 mph.

It did not take long for the Honda blackbird to dethroned by Suzuki Hayabusa. Because it was produced when the tussle for the fastest car was prevailing,

The competition for the world’s fastest motorbike was nothing more than a quest for glory and market.

The name blackbird is a tribute or a mark of honor to the then fastest airplane in the world, Lockheed sr-71.

Sports rider magazine in 1997 made a comparison of the speed of the blackbird and the speed of the ZX-11. And it was found that the blackbird had a speed of 178.5mph while the ZX-11 had a speed of 175 mph.

The difference was not much but it was a difference nonetheless and one that Honda could brag about for the time being.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11 (Or ZZ-R1100)

This motorcycle was also part of the Ninja line and was made between 1990 to 2001. It succeeded the Tomcat ZX-10. The top speed it reached was 283mph.

The ZX-11 was the fastest motorbike from the time it was made till the Honda CBR 1100XX. In the United States of America, the bike was known as the zx-11. For the rest of the planet, it was known as the ZZ-R1100.

The motorbike stayed long on the fastest bike table. It stayed on the table for six years, from 1990 to 1996.

Yamaha FZR1000

The Yamaha FZR1000 is a type of bike that was made by the Yamaha company in Japan. It was manufactured from 1987 to 1995. In the 1989 edition, the Cycle world named it the motorcycle of the decade.

The motorcycle could accelerate from 0 to 96 kilometers per hour in less than 3 seconds. The top speed of the bike is above 166 miles per hour.

One feature made the 1989 edition and the editions that followed, special. It was the presence of a four-stroke power valve system. The 1989 edition and above were known as the exhaust ultimate power valve. Their exhaust pipes were huge

In 1994, the FZR1000 no longer had a market because better options had arrived. The Tadao baba and Honda Fireblade took the market by the storm and Yamaha faded away.

The Ninja ZX-10 (ZX-10 “Tomcat”)

The Tomcat was also made by the Japanese producers, Kawasaki, and was one of the ninja series. The tomcat went 165 miles per hour and was the fastest motorcycle, then in the year 1988.

These are the top eleven fastest motorcycles that has ever been produced.

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What Is the Fastest Motorcycle – Related Frequently Asked Questions

What Stops Quicker, Car Or Motorcycle?

Motorcycles stop faster than cars. The motorcycles are very much lighter than cars and this is one factor that makes them stop faster than cars. Just like the way a car will stop faster than a truck. Weight is important in braking. 

Motorcycles, no matter how poor in quality are built better than cars when you talk about brakes, tires, and suspensions. Also, the ratio of brake size to body size is bigger in motorcycles than in cars. These factors are what make the motorcycle stop quicker than a car.

What Is The Fastest 0 To 60 Motorcycle?

The fastest 0 to 60 motorcycle is the Suzuki 2006 GSX-R1000. It was introduced in 2001 but was manufactured in the year 2006. It holds the record for the bike that can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour the fastest. It does this in 2.35 seconds. 

The motorbike engine has four 999 inline cylinders which generate a lot of power. The bike was upgraded in 2007 and then in 2017. Suzuki GSX is a street-legal product and it also passed the motorbike quarter-mile exam in less than 12 seconds. The highest speed the motorbike reached is 178 miles per hour.

Can A Car Beat A Motorcycle?

A car can beat a motorcycle in a race. One of such cars is the McLaren P1. The P1 is faster than the fastest motorcycle in the world, the Suzuki GSX-R1000. The P1 goes from 0 to 62 miles per hour in less than 2. 8 seconds. It takes it just 6.8 seconds to go from 0 to 124 miles per hour and reaches 186 miles per hour in just 16.5 seconds. The P1 weighs 3, 075 pounds and has a top speed of 217 miles per hour.

Which Is Faster: ZX-14r Or Hayabusa?

The  ZX-14r is the faster bike between Zx-14r and Hayabusa. The ZX-14r was the first motorbike to pass the 150 mph speed mark. The manufacturers of the ZX-14r are not resting. They are making massive upgrades to their motorbike every year. The 2020 version of the ZX-14r has a top speed that reaches 189 miles per hour. The engine of the motorbike has four inline 1441cc cylinders. These generate 208 horsepower. It also generates 113 lb-ft of sheer torque. The bike is not just fast, it is also durable.

Which Bike Has The Best Engine For Speed?

The Yamaha R1 has the best engine for speed. It has an engine that supplies it with 150 horsepower and runs at 11,700 rotations per minute. The engine has an inline of four 908cc cylinders. The motorbike has been around since the year 1998. One of the attractive features of the motorbike is how lightweight it is. The style of the motorbike is beautifully done too.  The gearbox of the R1 is located at the back of the cylinders so that the engine can be small, compact, and effective in power generation. This is a style many manufacturers are copying in order to maximize engine efficiency.

What Are The Six Most Reliable Motorcycle Brands?

Below are the six most reliable motorcycle brands.

  1. Yamaha: This is the most reliable motorcycle brand in the world right now. The failure rate of Yamaha products is 10 percent.
  2. Honda: This is the second most reliable motorcycle brand in the world. The failure rate of Honda is 11 percent.
  3. Kawasaki: Just like many Japanese brands, Kawasaki is reliable, the third most reliable brand. The failure rate of Kawasaki is 15 percent.
  4. Suzuki: Suzuki is the fourth most reliable motorcycle brand. Its failure rate is 16 percent.
  5. Harley-Davidson: This is the fifth on the list. An American brand with a failure rate of 24 percent.
  6. Triumph: This is the most popular British brand and it has a 29 percent failure rate.