How Long to Charge Motorcycle Battery

Just like machines and gadgets that use a battery, the motorcycle battery needs to be charged in order to power the motorcycle. For every second on a motorbike, the battery ages, and discharges. So, how long to charge a motorcycle battery? Why is it necessary to charge the battery?

how long to charge motorcycle battery
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How long to charge a motorcycle battery?

It takes six hours to one full day to charge a motorcycle battery. A sound lead acid battery will get up to 70 percent charge in eight hours. The 30 percent remaining would take at least another ten hours.

The battery of the motorcycle continually gains and loses charge all the time. The goal is to maintain the charge on the battery until it can no longer charge at all.

If you consult the manual that some modern batteries of motorcycles come with, you will see most of them are paraded as being maintenance-free. They are also said to have a lifespan of three years on average.

But let us tell you the truth. Batteries of these modern times will definitely last for three years and maybe even more, but you have to take care of them very well. There is no modern battery that is maintenance-free at the moment.

What you need to understand is how to take good care of your battery. When that is done, you have to get how well you can charge them so they can keep performing. If you do these two things well, chances are that your battery would last for 5 or even 10 years. Is that not wonderful?

Maintaining The Battery Of Your Motorbike

To maintain the battery of your motorbike, do the following:

1. Check the voltage of your battery regularly using a voltmeter.

2. Always top-up your wet cell battery with distilled water.

3. Do not let the battery go dead before charging.

As soon as you buy your battery or the bike, it is vital that you learn the things you have to do to keep it working. The batteries that are produced nowadays do not need you to always look after them, but a routine check will not be bad.

You have to check your voltage output using the voltmeter every time you want to handle those routine checks. If, however, you have the older batteries like the wet cell, you have to check the level of the fluid from time to time. You have to add distilled water whenever you notice the water is coming short.

When you stick to this, your battery will surely last. The new batteries we have nowadays make use of gel or AGM. So, they do not need to be maintained as the ones mentioned above, however, you should keep an eye on them to know how much volts they are giving out.

When the battery becomes weak due to age, it is vital that you change it. Do not keep using an aged battery. This is because you do not know where it would disappoint you. But if your battery is always fit, you could turn that ignition any time and any day and it will answer.

How Long Will It Take For The Battery Of The Motorcycle To be Fully Charged?

Many things are to be put into considerations before we answer this question. There is no definite or specific time that can be given for this answer. Depending on how drained the battery is, it can take the whole night if the motorcycle battery is huge and the charge that is currently in it is low too.

It can also be ready for a long drive in just a few minutes or maybe one hour.

Below are some of the things to consider before knowing the time it would take for the battery to charge completely.

The capacity of the battery.

The charge present in the battery.

The output of the charger you are using to charge the battery.

The kind of charger that you are making use of.

The temperature of the battery and the temperature of the charger.

The scooter battery and the motorcycle battery both have 12 voltmeters, just like cars. This means that the three of them would make use of the same charger. One of the safest and best ways of charging the batteries of new motorbikes is by using the smart charger.

One of the benefits of the smart charger is that it regulates the amount of charge that enters the cell. It tracks the battery’s charging and stops on its own once the battery is full. This means that there is no risk of battery overcharging.

People also make use of the trickle charger. That too is okay. But it will waste time before it starts working before it gets full. It is therefore advisable that you first of all use a high charging charger for the battery. When the battery is halfway at least, you can use the trickle charger to continue charging.

The trickle charger is also good if you will not be close to the motorcycle checking it as it charges. But even at that, it is not advisable to leave the battery connected to the charger for a long time.

How Long Would It Take To Get A 12 Voltmeter Battery To Full Charge?

It will take five to ten hours to get a 12 voltmeter battery to full charge.

If the battery we are talking about here has totally discharged or is close to totally discharging, it is vital to make use of the smart charger. With the smart charger, the charging will take anything from 5 to 10 hours.

If the batter you are charging is the scooter or motorcycle battery, they will even get filed sooner than those of trucks and cars. This is because the batteries of trucks and cars have storage capacities while the motorcycle does not.

Even though all of them use 12 voltmeter batteries, that of the SUV and pickup trucks are heavier and takes more time. In fact, they can take up to three times the time it takes to charge the motorcycle.

The smart charger is indeed a smart one. It determines when it should charge fast and then when it should slow down. And whenever the battery is full, it enters float mode. This is activated when the battery is full or almost full. This prevents energy from being wasted and motorcycle preserved.

The smart charger also has reverse polarity protection. This helps make sure you don’t hurt yourself when you connect your battery in an incorrect manner.

How Long Will A Scooter Battery Take To Come To Full Charge?

It will take 30 minutes to 3 hours for a scooter battery to come to full charge.

If the smart charger is in use and your battery is just low a bit, you will have your scooter running in about 30 minutes to one hour. If the battery was drained completely or close to being drained totally, you will have to let the battery charge for 2 to 3 hours before you make use of the scooter again.

If you have a particularly good alternator, you can just charge the battery enough then to start your scooter. As you are riding the scooter, the alternator helps recharge the battery. This is especially good if your bike has not been ridden for some time and if you are about to go a long distance with it.

How Do You Use A Trickle Charger?

To use a trickle charger, do the following:

1.Take precautions and ensure your battery is in a cool, dry place and well-ventilated place.

2. Attach the negative terminal of the charger to a bolt on your engine. Do not use your battery’s negative terminal.

3. Attach wires and don’t touch them while they’re charging and the charger is on to avoid serious shock.

4. Turn on the charger and leave it to charge.

Just so you know, the trickling charging method is such a long method of charging batteries. This would even take longer if you are trying it charge a bike that has been completely drained. That is why it is recommended that you use a fast-charging method first before you continue with the trickle charger.

If you are stuck with the trickle charger, you can opt to charge the battery overnight. This is so you do not waste valuable time waiting for it to charge your battery. It would seem like an eternity and not to mention torture.

The idea behind the trickle charge is to get a device that charges the battery slowly and yet does not allow charges to leave. The trickle charger won’t be strong enough to overcharge the battery and then harm it.

If this ever happens, even though it rarely does, this means that the battery was left on the charger for a mind-blowing time. Or due to the fact that the battery had issues before. To know exactly how long the trickle charger would take to make the battery full, you will have to consult your specific manual that the charger came with.

Various chargers are made in various ways and to work for a specified time. And then some chargers can work for a long without getting damaged.

How Do You Charge Your Motorcycle Battery?

When you are making use of the smart charger, you have to connect your battery onto the charger. You do this by using the specified code colored wires to make sure the polarity is okay.

There are some types of chargers that would inform you that you made a mistake in your connection. Whenever the charger is done charging the battery, it will automatically enter the float mode.

Some others would turn themselves off. If the charger you are making use of is an old one, you have to make sure your attention is on the charger while it charges.

And as soon as it is full, you unplug the battery. When you do so, you can now set it the charger to trickle or use the trickle charger to continue holding the charge on the battery.

Now, you have to pay attention to the following. Not all batteries will charge when you charge them. There are some batteries that simply won’t catch the current.

Do not sweat it. You were not meant to allow it to discharge in the first place. When you notice a battery being difficult to recharge especially when they have been uncharged for long, it may just be that they won’t charge.

Even when these kinds of batteries are finally charged, they become damaged somewhat and there is a permanence to their damage. This is due to the fact that the battery was left to discharge for a long time and then was injected volts rapidly. If you have this case, then it is advisable that you get a new battery.

Before you go charging, it is vital that you find out the type of battery that you have in the first place. AGM, Lead-acid, and gel batteries could all be charged in the normal way of charging batteries. But lithium-based cells would need you to charge them specially. What to charge them with and how is dependent on the specification of the manufacturer that made the battery of your motorcycle.

The next thing to do is to find out the particular charger which the battery will need. One of the simplest and most available chargers you will find is the trickle charger. It changes alternating current from the wall to direct current. It then shoots them up into the battery until you turn it off.

Like we mentioned earlier, this type of charger would take ages to charge your motorbike battery. So, if you are in a haste, then this is not the best option for you.

The other type of charger is the float charger. When the float charger is charging your battery, you will not need to worry about overcharging. This is because they come on and go off as it is necessary. They make sure the battery performs at an optimal level.

The next kind of charger is the smart charger. This one ensures that the progress of your battery charge is continued charging wise.  On a normal, it charges batteries at varying rates and this is so that harm that is done to your battery is little.

Some of these smart charges have a phenomenon called desulfation. This means that the chargers knock off sulfurs which may have gathers on lead plates that are located inside your battery. This happens if the battery has different voltages and then electric pulses

Most times, smart chargers have a hard time charging lithium-based cells. This is because lithium batteries are different from other batteries that are lead-based. The batteries have management systems that cannot keep up with pulsing.

If you are getting a lithium-based battery, you should ask the dealer to put you through. The battery also should have an instructional manual from the manufacturer about the type of charger that is suiting for that particular type of battery.

Chargers that are available for purchase in the market have many ways in which they charge. Different charging amperages. When you charge using high amperage, the charging is swifter, faster. But that method is a bad one for the battery and the future of the battery.

There are some batteries that are smart in the sense that they have an inbuilt circuit which tells then that the object is not a battery. This has an adverse effect though, because these kinds of chargers may not charge a battery that has extremely low juice. This is because the charger is not reading enough voltage on the battery to ascertain that the battery is actually a battery.

What is done at this point is to make use of a normal charger, a dumb one if you may, to charge the dead battery till they have enough voltage that can be seen by the smart charger. Never connect the two chargers at the same time.

Even though many people like the float charger because it protects the battery, some people still value the trickle chargers due to the way it helps conserve the charges in a cell.

When you want to charge the bike, it is better that you remove it for the bike. It is a normal sight to see people to charge their battery when it is still attached to the bike. You should not do this because it may short circuit the electrical system and everything breaks down. So, it is best you detach the battery.

Video: How Long To Charge Motorcycle Battery

Introduction: This video takes you through charging the motorcycle battery.

You should also know that when a battery is charging the temperature increases, heat is given off. This is another reason why you should isolate your battery. Because if something happens and the liquid inside the battery comes out, it will damage a lot of things. anything it touches in fact.

Float chargers can be used on the battery while it is attached to the bike, but the energy given off is so low.

After removing the battery, you can now charge your battery and when it is done, you can re-install.

Asides the float chargers, remove your battery from the bike before charging.

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How Long To Charge Motorcycle Battery — Related Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Charge A 12v Motorcycle Battery?

A 12-volt motorbike battery will take between four and twenty-four hours to come to full charge.  It is important that you check your instructional manual especially when you get a new battery. The manufacturer’s instruction is supreme.

The time it takes to charge the battery is greatly dependent on the stability of current, the charger that is being used to charge the battery, and the type of battery itself.

Can You Overcharge Motorcycle Battery?

You are not expected to overcharge your motorcycle battery over a tenth of its rating which is measured by amp per hour. It means that if you have a battery with a 10-amp rating, you should not charge it more than 1 amps in a period of ten hours. If you overcharge, electrolytes will steam, and this can result in battery overheating. Overcharging your battery can affect the battery life. Rather charge the battery appropriately than going to buy a new battery.

Is It Okay To Leave A Trickle Charger On?

It is okay to leave a trickle charger on. The trickle charger can be kept on the battery for long.  In fact, that was why it was produced in the first place.

What it does is to charge the battery slowly but at the same time leave no room for the battery to discharge. When you need to pack your motorbike and make a trip, connect the battery to the trickle. While you are away, it won’t discharge. 

What Are Some Tips For Charging A New Motorcycle Battery For The First Time?

Here are some of the tips for charging a new motorcycle for the first time:

  1. You have to charge the new battery for at least ten hours. 
  2. Always remember to store the battery in a cool and dry place.
  3. When you are charging your new battery, a closed-circuit must show that there is 14.2 volts on the battery.
  4. Charge the battery to reach just 1/10th of the battery’s arm rating.

Does Motorcycle Battery Charge While Idling?

The motorcycle battery does not charge while being idled.  When you start your motorcycle for some time and turn it off, it charges a little. This does not supply enough voltage that will charge up your battery. It only helps to keep your battery alive especially when you have not used the motorbike for some time. You will have to actually ride your bike for it to charge. It will have to take three thousand rotations per minute for the bike to generate enough to start charging the battery.

Can You Charge A Motorcycle Battery Without Removing It From Your Bike?

You can charge your motorcycle battery without removing it from your bike. All you have to do is use small wires which can be fitted into the storage of your battery. Another method that can be used to charge without removal of the battery is using a battery tender. 

With the way a battery tender is designed, you can use them without disconnecting the battery. Yet another method is the trickle charger. It can also be utilized to charge the battery. With these methods, there is no need to remove the battery of your motorcycle.